CNC Routing Is Simple!


Step One

Identify your material to be cut, and the quantity. We can cut leather, paper stock, cardboard, foam, and many other materials!

Step Two

Submit payment.

Step Three

 Bring us a sample or send us a PDF or CAD file so we can fabricate the dies. 

Step Four

Confirm your proof.

Step Five


About Us

Our Equipment

  • CNC Router 4x8' with a 12 hp spindle for tooling, and a tangential knife.
  • 30 Ton Clicker Die Press
  • Large commercial sliding table saw for various materials.

Our Experience

Utah CNC Router & Die has experienced machine operators and engineers to match your needs. Whether you need only one item, or thousands, we will get to work timely and accurately!

How we came up with the idea

Utah Router & Die was in search of a local company that could provide custom molds for a long term project. We could not find anyone, so we invested into the equipment ourselves, and are now offering our equipment services to you at a fair price.

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Utah Router & Die

1471 Industrial Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104, United States

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